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Aparatura de laborator

500.00 (600.00 TVA Inclus)
 * Ideala pentru separarea de ser, plasma, probe de sange sau aplicatii de rutina in spitale si laboratoare de cercetare  * SCILOGEX clinical...

199.00 (238.80 TVA Inclus)
 * viteza ajustabila intre 0-2500 RPM  * mod de lucru la atingere sau continuu  * orbita de agitare 4 mm  * agitare orbitala...

Suport Eprubete

200.00 (240.00 TVA Inclus)
  • Full volume range of 1-100ml
  • Easy to one-handed operation
  • Lightweight, ergonomic designs allow longer, fatigue-free pipetting
  • Lithium-ion battery offers long runtime charge and no battery memory problems
  • Low battery indication
  • Powerful motor fills a 25ml pipette in<5 seconds
  • Supplied with integral but replaceable 0.45um filter
  • Can be used while recharging
  • Large LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining battery charge and speed settings.

100.00 (120.00 TVA Inclus)
Ultra-flat compact magnetic stirrer, provides better mixing and is ideal for the application of physical-chemical, analysis and biotech labs.

570.00 (684.00 TVA Inclus)
 * volum 7 litri  * domeniu de temperatura de la +5°C peste ambient pana la +95°C  * baie de apa cu controller de tip PID cu...

230.00 (276.00 TVA Inclus)
  • The complete standard pipetus® is supplied with an electric pump, 2 filters and a safety valve.

8,143.00 (9,771.60 TVA Inclus)
 *volum 75 L  *autoclav cu pre-vacuum si functie de uscare  *carcasa externa, capac si camera de autoclavare din otel inox AISI-304...