Analizor Robotic SP2000-2 pentru pH-ul solului

(26,743.20 TVA Inclus)
Analizor Robotic model SP2000-2 pentru pH/Conductivitate din sol ce include:
 • Robotic handling system
 • Computer, printer and Windows™ software
 • 2x blind trays which require insert trays 21081243 for 32 positions of SP521
 • Rinse vessel
 • Cables and tubing
 • Instruction manual
 Excluding sample beakers
 Specific specifications:
 • Analyzer (HxDxW): 75x70x121 (Height when lid is opened: approx.: 100cm)
 • Net weight: 90 kg
 • Power requirements: 220-240V, 50Hz or 110-120V, 60HZ
 • Power consumption: 350VA
 1. An exact amount of sample is weighed into the sample beakers#,
 2. The identities are entered into the sample table and beakers are placed in the racks and placed on the analyzer#,
 3. The analyser is started#;
 4. The manipulator moves to the first sample;
 5. The manipulator moves to the first sample and pH and Conductivity are measured;
 6. The manipulator moves to the next sample until all samples are measured;
 7. In between samples and measurements the probes and stirrer are rinsed to avoid cross contamination;
 8. The calculated data can be presented on screen, printed or converted to a file compatible with other software and LIMS’s
 • Bottle capacity: 32 - 352 sample beakers, depending on base-unit capacity for 100 ml sample beakers SP521;
 • Sample throughput: Base unit single probe configuration 60 - 90 samples/hr. without automated soil extraction procedure (see option 1). The sample throughput when the soil extraction procedure is included, strongly depends on the stirring and settling time
 • Moving mechanism: XYZ with safety protection
 • Optional 2 robotic bridges possible giving a total of 8 independently movable manipulators
 which can perform multiple tasks simultaneously
 • Compatible with different meters / probes (see measurement sets 2A and 2B)
 • Optional manual barcode reading (see option 3)
 • Locked protective front and side covers complying with CE regulations
 • Rinsing station for automatic rinsing the pH and Conductivity probes in between samples
 • Optional software controlled continuous refreshing of rinsing vessel to avoid cross-contamination between samples (see option 2)
 • Definable access levels and password protection
 • Fast set-up of sample work list in routine operation by dragging the racks to the analyzer and selecting the required application
 • User definable sample table and print report layout
 • Customized or pre-defined application files such as BOD, COD, pH, Alkalinity, Turbidity, ISE etc.
 • Addition of bottles, trays & work list extension during run
 • Direct data transfer to LIMS & spreadsheets
 • Possibility of exporting results during analysis
 • Extensive Quality Control criteria including CLP protocols
 • Audit Trail
 • Possibility of using Quality samples and creating Quality Control Charts
 • Automatic back-up of raw & calculated data meeting GLP criteria
 • Automatic flagging of “out-of-range” results applying pre-defined criteria
 • Automatic sample result averaging applying pre-defined criteria
 • Automatic start-up and shut-down using an analyses scheduler
 • Overload alarm, filling failure, read-out stability check and continuous electrode control
 • Calculations compliant with all (inter)national regulations