ISD Infrared Spectral Detector for Evolved Gas Analysis

TGA Gas Analyzer - ISD and SmartIR™ for TGA

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Add Evolved Gas detection to your TGA.

The Simplex Infrared Spectral Detector ISD and new SmartIR software combine to provide an easy to use Intelligent Infrared Detection system for Evolved gas analysis.

The system can operate in three different modes. In the manual mode simply press the Background button just before starting a TGA run, then the Start button to begin. If a remote switch cable has been installed, sampling can be initialized by the TGA. In the fully remote mode, the system is completely controlled by the TGA so it can used unattended with an autosampler.

SmartIR includes a reference database of over 3000 compounds. Gases are sampled every 10 seconds and the database is searched to identify the samples live.

 TGA-FTIR evolved gas analysis
 Ideal for analysis of polymers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and others
 SmartIR™ Software for TGA
 Easy to operate with no setup
 Remote start - Run start and finish controlled by TGA
 Autosampler compatible
 Patented high performance 10 cm gas cell
 Heats up to 325°C, while only requiring 150 watts
 Very flexible and lightweight transfer line
 90-240 VAC, 50/60Hz for worldwide use
 3,000+ database of reference spectra
 SimLink™ compatible

Easy to use SmartIR control software with real-time analysis

Easy to use SmartIR control software with real-time analysis.

Displays the total infrared absorbance. Real time analysis adds new traces as gases are detected.


Weight: 16 Kg

Dimensions: 36 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm

Country of Origin: USA

Delivery: Stock to 6 weeks ARO

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