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Moving Die Rheometer

The MDR one Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) is a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-operate rotorless curemeter perfect for routine and standards-driven testing of rubber curing. The MDR one is configured for measuring curing profiles of rubber compounds under isothermal and non-isothermal test conditions at constant strain and frequency.The MDR one employs sealed biconical dies meeting all relevant ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards.The unique design includes an ultra-rigid test frame, direct drive motor, precision temperature control with optional cooling, available Autosampler, and intuitive Scarabaeus Control and Analysis software making it the ideal platform for QC or R&D environments.
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Frequency Fixed: 1.67 Hz (100 cpm) Amplitude ±0.1°, 0.2°, 0.5°, 1.0°, 3.0°, 5.0° arc Strain...