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Camera climatica Jeiotech de temperatura si umiditate in mediu curat (model TH-CR-270)

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Capable for the best cleaned temperature and humidity chamber!

By employing a HEPA filter and a top to bottom laminar air flow system, a class 100 controlled chamber is achieved.

User-friendly design.

Standard clean environmental test chambers • Silicone-free safe construction. •

High quality type 304 grade stainless steel exterior and interior. • Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving environmental test chamber. • Convenient maintenance - available to check total operating time. • Unique door lock & trim. - Vice lock type door and foam silicone packing to ensure a perfect seal. - Door open warning alarm • Inner door - Optional inner glass door comes with four holes to handle samples inside the chamber. (Except for 800L and 1000L) • Ventilation - Ventilation vent is located at the upper right side of the unit • Chart Recorder (optional) - 6-point dots type recorder with digital display • Cartridge type tank for easy water supply. - Maintenance of the water tank can be easily performed from the front side. - Checking of the water level and the amount of water remaining in the tank can be performed by looking through the center viewing window. • Viewing window for observation - Tempered glass window provides a clear view of samples in the chamber, beneficial during testing. - Fluorescent lighting source included. • Cable port for external probes or wires. - 50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit. Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports can be custom ordered. (Optional) • Easy cleaning of condenser air-filter - To prevent deterioration of refrigeration system and keep filter dust free by periodically cleaning the filter.