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Camere climatice Jeiotech de temperatura de diferite capacitati

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TC-G-180 (180L) TC-G/GU-300 (300L) TC-G-408 (408L) TC-G-800 (800L) TC-G-1000 (1000L) TC-G-1500 (1500L)

User-friendly design.

Standard environmental test.

Chambers • High quality 304 stainless steel exterior and interior. •

Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving environmental test chamber. •

Convenient maintenance - available to check total operating time. •

Spacious chamber volume maximum capacity of 1500L. •

Choose from 6 different model chambers based on size. - The series provide two variations in temperature range of -35 to 150℃ and -60 to 150, and six capacities of 180L, 300L, 408L, 800L, 1000L, 1500L. •

Unique door lock & trim. - Vice lock type door and foam silicone packing to ensure a perfect seal. - Door open warning alarm. • Inner door. - Optional inner glass door comes with four holes to handle samples inside the chamber. (Except for 800L and 1500L) • Ventilation. - Ventilation vent is located at the upper right side of the unit. • Chart recorder. (optional) - 6-point dots type recorder with digital display. • Viewing window for observation. - ATempered glass window provides a clear view of samples in the chamber, beneficial during testing. - Fluorescent lighting source included. • Cable port for external probes or wires. - 50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit. - Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports can be custom ordered.(Optional) Control operation • Microprocess PID control/ Auto-tuning/ Calibration. • Setting and indication resolution: Temp.: 0.01℃. • Languages support in three kinds of English, Chinese, and Korean. • Optimize CPU logic control system. - Optimum control for temperature with economical control in power consumption. • Touch screen type monitor. - 5.7-inch Color LCD display with interactive input system. - Temperature / timer settings and operating condition. - Temperature, other operating parameters, and a record of previous operation are also displayed in graph form. - Easily visible set value: set point (SP) /present value (PV) are also added on the colorful. LCD controller. • Programming operation. Description TC-G/ GU series Programmable pattern capacity 120 Pattern repeat time 999 Max. segments per a pattern 100 Available max. segments * 1200 Programmable process time per a segment 0 to 99 hr 59 min * Even though the max. segments per a pattern are 100, available total segments are up to 1200 not 12000, so you need to arrange the number of segment and patterns properly. • Computer interface. (optional) - Software provided. - Save data in excel format. - Storage of program information, backup of value settings / recovery, and temperature values. Safety functions • Leakage breaker for power supply. • Over current protector. • Overheat protectors. • Switch-off after alarm for over heating. • Door opening alarm. • Vice lock door type locking mechanism.