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Camere climatice Jeiotech pentru cresterea plantelor de diferite marimi (model GC-300TL (300L) GC-300TLH (300L) GC-1000TLH (1000L) )

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User-friendly design • 5℃ to 50℃ (lamp off)/ 10℃ to 50℃ (lamp on) • Max. to 35,000Lux for GC-1000TLH Max. to 20,000Lux for GC-300 series • 40 to 80% RH for GC-300TLH. (at 20~35℃) 50 to 90% RH for GC-1000TLH. (at 20~35℃) • 300 to 5,000ppm CO2 control (optional) • Microprocess PID control/ Auto-tuning/ Calibration • Digital timer: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min • Over-temperature limiter/ Door opening alarm • 10 steps of temperature, humidity, and illumination profiles programmable and repeat up to 999 cycles (self-testing) Control operation • High quality #304 grade stainless steel interior and dirt repellent powder coated exterior surface. • User-friendly door system - Silicone packing for keep inner chamber perfectly - External door with magnetic sealing for dual airtight - Smoothly open to minimize damage against test samples • Wide inner tempered glass doors provide a full view of the sample - A tempered window provides a clear view of your specimen during testing • Powerful air circulator for exclusive air-flow - Air flow system very efficient for plant growth. - One propeller for GC-1000TLH/ A tangent blower and a sirocco fan for GC-300 series • High frequency electronic ballast lamps - Reinforced Blue and Red spectrums lighting system for plant photosynthesis - Economical efficiency with stable light and long life span - Easy-to change bulbs. • Restraint of heat rising - Unique construction to minimize the heat rising due to a luminous source - Designed to be exhaust the heat through the upper holes (only for GC-1000TLH) • Easy cleaning of condenser air-filter - To prevent deterioration of refrigerator, keep filtering dust by periodical filter cleaning • Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving environmental testing chamber. • Electronic humidity sensor is fast acting and easy to calibrate. • Dual type water level sensor./ Adjustable water tank positions. (only for GC-300TLH) • Removable shelving and rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning. Safety functions • Leakage breaker for power supply • Over current protector • Overheat protectors • Switch-off after alarm for over heating • Door opening alarm. • Low and empty water level alarm. (TLH models only)