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SP2000 BOD analyzer incl sample pipetting and pH setting

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BOD Measurement Including Sample Pipetting, pH Setting- and Aeration of the Sample. The most flexible Robotic BOD platform available today for fully automatic BOD analysis.

The analyzer automates the following steps:

  • Sample pipetting 
  • Bottle (de) capping 
  • pH setting of the sample 
  • The addition of dilution water 
  • Nitrification inhibitor (ATU) and seed 
  • Sample aeration 
  • Homogenization 
  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen 
  • Calculation of the BOD result according to the required regulation 

The analyzer matches an extensive range of pH probes/meters, BOD bottles and incubator trays and is compatible with all current models of oxygen meters & probes. The analysis is carried out in accordance with all (inter) national regulations such as EPA 405.1/ISO 5815-1/ EN-1899-1/2, Standard Methods 5210 B, DIN 38409 etc. as well as customer specific methods.

The automation of the labor-intensive BOD application with Skalar’s SP2000 platform can save up to 96% of operator time and provides the required consistency for the application.

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Sponsorizare pentru Universitatea Tehnica "Gheorghe Asachi" din Iasi

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Laboratorium a sponsorizat:

Workshop "Noi orizonturi si strategii in chimie - ed a III-a" - 21 Noiembrie 2015 / "Concurs pentru viitori ingineri - ed a IV-a" - 19 Noiembrie 2016

Evenimente organizate de Facultatea de Inginerie Chimica si Protectia Mediului - Iasi.

DURAN® TILT - Changes Everything

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DURAN® TILT - Changes Everything

The smart, reusable bottle system for cell culture media preparation.


  • Filtering: In the upright position, the DURAN® TILT bottle system is ideal for filter sterilising or clarifying cell culture media
  • Pipetting: In the 45° tilted position, the DURAN® TILT bottle makes pipetting of media easier under the hood
  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass for reusability and lower whole life costs


  • DURAN® TILT GL 56 cap labels
  • DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tags

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