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Sistemul Alliance HPLC

Features and Benefits:

* Quaternary solvent blending supports isocratic and gradient applications with 11 unique gradient profile curves. Blend up to 4 solvents in any proportion with Auto-Blend Technology. Compatible with a wide range of solvent types to support reversed-phase, normal-phase, GPC, SEC, and IEX application.
* Advanced solvent delivery capabilities. Serial flow path with pulse-free solvent delivery without the use of dampeners. * Online solvent degassing and automated solvent compressibility for accurate flow. Integrated seal wash for robustness operation with all solvent types is standard.
* Up to 120 vials housed in an optional, temperature-controlled environment. Active and user programmable needle wash for low carryover. Variable injection volumes from 0.1 to 100 uL standard, and up to 2 mL optional. Supports STAT samples and auto-addition.
* Optional column heating or heating/cooling. Get the flexibility of running multiple methods on demand with optional column switching.
* Detection capabilities include photodiode array, UV/Vis, fluorescence, refractive index, evaporative light scattering, electrochemical, conductivity, and mass detection.
* An intuitive user interface, giving you instant access to system settings through the large LCD screen. Simplified daily set-up with SystemPREP.
* Supported in Empower, MassLynx, and several 3rd party software packages
* Compliance-ready. Qualification of laboratory instrumentation is an integral part of compliance with regulatory and quality standards such as GMP, GLP, ISO 17025, USP <1058>, and others. The Alliance HPLC System supports Waters Empower-based automated system qualification tool (SQT), which minimizes the time and cost associated with annual qualification.

There are 5 basic configurations of the e2695 Separations Module. All configurations include automated plunger seal-wash and vacuum based solvent degassing as standard; the differences lie in whether the e2695 is equipped with sample and/or column temperature control. The XC is our premium Alliance System HPLC platform.

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The e2695 Separations Module has integrated solvent, sample management and includes both sample heater/cooler and a column heater/cooler. The system features...

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The e2695 Separations Module has integrated solvent, sample management and includes both a sample heater/cooler and a column heater. The system features...