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Sistem purificare Prep 15 SFC

The Prep 15 SFC Purification System is an open-bed, batch based, mass triggered fraction collection system operated by MassLynx/FractionLynx software. Utilizing the Waters 2767 Sample Manager and the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector, the system is dedicated to analytical and preparative scale isolation and purification.  Injected samples are purified on a smaller scale and capable of producing larger numbers of individual samples. With this technology the mass directed preparative system offers improved detection sensitivity and effective peak tracking with the ability to interpret and compare complex data. Extending the limit of sample detection for chromatographic separation. Providing users with the ability to scale from 4.6 to 10 mm columns, laboratories can use the system to evaluate small samples in a broad applicability across a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and natural products.
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Features: * Standard PDA detection allowing optional add-on detection capability providing flexible configuration options, such as UV-ELSD or UV-MS. The...