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Vion IMS QTof Ion Mobility Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry

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Reduce the risk of missed metabolites in DMPK Analyses

The integrated ion mobility capabilities of the Vion IMS QTof provide enhanced separation power, which delivers clearer data and greatly reduces the possibility of missing drug metabolites. Using ion mobility-enabled data independent acquisitions, Vion provides MS/MS quality product ion spectra and removes the need for additional MS/MS or data dependent acquisitions (DDA). This reduces analysis time and allows rapid identification of metabolites. The collisional cross section (CCS) values generated from Ion Mobility Separation (IMS) data can be used to track and confirm metabolites throughout discovery and development and are particularly valuable for isomeric metabolites that cannot be distinguished by chromatography. These capabilities coupled with the metabolite ID workflows within UNIFI software are designed to simplify and accelerate the acquisition and interpretation of metabolism data.

Overcome matrix complexity and increase confidence in food analysis

Due to the orthogonal nature of ion mobility separation, Vion IMS QTof can often resolve coeluting compounds and allow the detection of components that may have been hidden by the matrix or show isomeric species that could not be separated by chromatography or mass. In addition, collisional cross section (CCS) values, which are generated automatically for each component detected by Vion, can be used for confident confirmation of contaminants or metabolites by comparison with a database and avoid false identification. The clarity of the data together with fragment ion spectra generated by Vion’s data independent acquisition (DIA) mode provides high quality information-rich data that can be utilized by workflow-based software (UNIFI) to allow confident confirmation or elucidation of compound identity.