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Analizor Robotic SP2000-3 pentru analiza distributie particule in sol

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Analizor Robotic SP2000-3. Configuratie pentru analiza distributie particule in sol.

 Manual sample pretreatment:
 • Dry sample to constant weight,
 • Separate fraction > 2 mm,
 • Removal of organic matter,
 • Removal of soluble salts and gypsum,
 • Removal of Carbonates/Iron Oxides,
 • Separate sand fraction by wet sieving,
 • Dry sand fraction (>63 µm) and weigh,
 • Transfer fraction <63 µm to volumetric cylinders,
 • Place the cylinder in the SP2000-3.
 The following manipulations are (or can be) automated by the SP2000-3 robotic analyzer:
 • Add Sodium Pyro Phosphate solution# (for automation see option 4)
 • Fill cylinder to exactly 1000ml,
 • Stir until homogeneous solution is obtained,
 • Sedimentation (X hours),
 • Temperature correction# (for automation see option 2)
 • Pipette 20ml. at a pre-defined depth,
 • Transfer 20 ml. + dispense into evaporation disk,
 • After this the samples are manually transferred to an oven
 • The samples dried at 95°C until constant weight (for drying the sample on the Skalar robotic analyser see option 1)
 • The clay fraction is calculated via the software.
 • Moving mechanism: XYZ with safety protection
 • 2 robotic bridges possible giving a total of 8 independently movable manipulators which can perform multiple tasks simultaneously
 • Automatic calibration of all connected measuring devices
 • Dilution water pump with liquid level detection
 • Optional bellows pump for the automatic addition of pyro phosphate solution (for automation see option 4)
 • Optional manual barcode reading (not included in the quotation)
 • Locked protective front and side covers complying with CE regulations
 • 35 positions for 1000 ml sedimentation cylinders and 35 evaporation dishes or vials
 • Determination of up to 1 different soil fractions from 1 sample
 • Automatic filling of the 1000 ml cylinders
 • Calibration of the individual cylinder volumes
 • Adjustable stirrer speed
 • Customized racks for 1000 ml cylinders and evaporation cups or vials
 • Integrated heating box for sample evaporation
 • Definable access levels and password protection
 • Fast set-up of sample work list in routine operation by dragging the racks to the analyzer and selecting the required application
 • User definable sample table and print report layout
 • Customized or pre-defined application files such as BOD, COD, pH, Alkalinity, Turbidity, ISE etc.
 • Addition of cylinders, trays & work list extension during run
 • Direct data transfer to LIMS & spreadsheets
 • Possibility of exporting results during analysis
 • Extensive Quality Control criteria including CLP protocols
 • Possibility of using Quality samples and creating Quality Control Charts
 • Automatic back-up of raw & calculated data meeting GLP criteria
 • Automatic start-up and shut-down using an analyses scheduler
 • Calculations compliant with all (inter)national regulations such as Robinson-Köhn, ISO 11277