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Single Quadrupole Mass Detection

Single quad technology is a well respected, robust and reliable mass detection technique for many different functional areas of LC-MS across many different industries. 

Designed for compatibility with UPLC, UPSFC, HPLC, and AutoPurification, and with a wide range of ionization options, single quadrupole mass detection is an easy way to generate an extra dimension of information from your separation.

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Mass Detection in Real Time The Waters™ DART® QDa™ system with LiveID™ system targets application areas where rapid, real time...

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Intuitive Operation ACQUITY QDa is as intuitive as an optical detector, with the robustness to handle all of your analyses. Working in harmony with your...

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A mass range as wide as you would need With a mass range of 3000 Da, the SQ Detector 2 makes mass confirmation of large molecules easier than ever before,...